Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reviews of things

Night at the Musuem DVD-

Ben made me see this with him one night. maybe there will be some wacky special features
but the best part by far was when Joana the junior fell down in the theater looking at me and ben. if theres a video of that on the dvd i recommend purchasing it.

movie- F. (if joanas in it falling down it goes up to at least a B+) i wouldn't recommend watching the actual movie. its the opposite of funny... its... its.. wood.

Boy Meets World- not anything specific. just the show in general. could Shawn BE anymore of a troubled teen. i sincerely doubt it.


My little sister driving me to school- D-

Harold's History of the Civil War Class for Students attending southern colleges- i dunno yet. ill get back to you.

Lost's whatever season this is- it totally sucks now. when they did the thing where they looked down the hatch into mystery itself basically, that was one of my favorite moments in television. BUT the whole point of the show was the mystery of the others and it turns out the others are just lame.

Lost- C-

The Black Donnelys- im pretty sure its cancelled cause i have to watch all the episodes on BUT its my favorite show ever. Olivia wildes in it soo it just had to be cancelled, shes death to network tv shows. she should do porn or something?

The Black Donnelys- A
Future Porn with Olivia Wilde- B+

Canada- Canadas hardly a real country and that war in the south park movie still makes me mad. the us would never ever lose. if grenada fought a war with canada if someone gave me 2.5-1 odds id take grenada (kinda like how i took De La Hoya) im pretty sure Canada doesnt have a real army. just mountys.

Canada- D-

Mickey Wiener- hes getting ass.. just try distracting him in beer pong girls. just try. mickey welcomes foolhardy distraction attempts.

Mickey- B+


Anonymous said...

haha i like the mickey ass thing. and the porn thing. i say well done.

Anonymous said...

The Black Donnelys is NOT a good TV show... you just like it cause you're irish.


Anonymous said...

I was blatantly with you and ben at that god awful movie...what the fuck?

Anonymous said...

I went to Harold's thing and he talked about shoving a firecracker up the ass of a dog...A+ in my book.