Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Peeing on Cars

A few days ago i was outside my house and i had to piss so i decided to do so on my neighbors minivan. i dunno why. teenage angst perhaps? it was like 1 in the morning so i assumed everyone was asleep. halfway through the light turns on the door opens and five people are staring at me. two scared parents and three scared children including one with down syndrome. not that his condition makes the situation much different, im just trying to paint a picture. i hear the mom yell "CALL THE COPS hes stealing the car"

it was an interesting situation. i had to put my thing back in my pants in a way that made it seem as if it had never been out in the first place. i was definetly succesful maybe.

i convinced her i wasnt trying to steal her shitty old minivan. i told her i lived across the street and that my parents had waaay nicer cars than her old, crappy, grey, presumably smelly minivan so theres no chance i would ever steal it. especially after i pissed on it. she wasnt pleased.


Anonymous said...

red font, black background, and juvenile mischief...edgy turn?

Anonymous said...

thats kind of strange. you told me they thought you were stealing it but you left of the part about peeing! seems to be a common topic these days...