Monday, May 14, 2007

Blogs are so lame

You know, these blogs are kinda dumb. Everyone and his half-twin has one these days and they are kinda getting lame. I kinda hate that people think blogs are "journalism" too. I kinda hate that everyone has an opinion about everything too. I think if I read mine I'd think I'm a dork.


blogs are only lame when they are from either people you dont know, people you dont like, people who are actually lame or people who dont know how to use "your/you're" properly... none of which applies hear ;)

-some bitch ;)

Anonymous said... blogs are forpeople who think they're funny (but aren't), they're just lame

yeah well. i made one anyway.

ps. my room couldnt smell more like weed.



Brooke said...

this blog is the best! i really like the HBFE story. especially cuz i guess i'm "chill" since i knew what it stood for.

Zach! said...

brooke thanks for the comment. but dont kid yourself. youll never be "chill"

angry brooke said...

zack you suck. im never posting again.

Zach! said...

haha angry brooke. thats funny! please post again. itll make you LEGIT "chill"

Anonymous said...

ay caramba!