Thursday, May 17, 2007

"get a girlfriend.." says the homeless guy

this homeless guy came up to ethan and i during a lunch date at 4912 today. he was a nice guy we talked a little bit about this and that, then he moved on to some hard hitting questions. he asked my half asian friend ethan if he had a girlfriend. of course ethan price "in it only for the chase" chu said no, no i do not have a girlfriend. the man chuckled then went on to pat ethan on the back and said "get a girlfriend so she can ruin your life" then he was off.

so a warning to all you guys out there (and lesbians, or whatever other glbtq thing applies). a girlfriend= ruined life (according to the mentally unstable homeless guy. who, to me at least, would seem like a reliable source on the topic of a "ruined" life)


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