Friday, May 25, 2007


i went to see spiderman 3 with ethan yesterday. it wasnt a good movie. the only good part is when peter parker got emo-ey and told eric foreman "brah youre some trash" the real story is that ethan said. and i quote "if kirsten dunst cries im gonna cry, seriously" he was serious. im not sure if im gonna be able to go to another movie with him.

the last movie i went to with him was wildhogs, he didnt cry or even talk about crying. it was a better time, and now... everything has changed.

wildhogs did have ooone funny line :

Dudley Frank: [upon seeing Maggie] She's perfect for me. I wanted to say something funny, but all I could think of was black jokes.

everything else was just John Travolta awkwardly making gay jokes..

WH Grade: D-


Anonymous said...

for me ethans the d-

Anonymous said...

"ooone funny line" ???
Mother-in-Law: In my day, the women stayed home. Not the lazy men.
Bobby Davis: In your day, men were busy building pyramids!

Dudley Frank: Im looking foward to the parade this year. I got little tootsi rolls to throw to the kids.
Woody Stevens: Tootsi rolls? You cannot even put on your left blinker without wiping out.