Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tuffets Pouffes or Hassocks?

The EU decided today that to remove the PKK a Kurdish terrorist organization from its blacklist, thus unfreezing its european bank accounts. The Court of justice made a "procedural" decision to unfreeze the accounts because it had failed to warn the PKK beforehand. Basically the EU just funded the PKK's war with Turkey. I am obvioulsy not a fan of turks. I dont really think anyone is outside of anatolia is. BUT The PKK needs to chill, turkey isnt big on minorities (see armenian genocide) and arming the PKK is just giving those damned turks an excuse for some more ethnic cleansing.

lastly fuck ottomans. for now on im gonna call the stools either Tuffets, pouffes or hassocks. prolly pouffes.

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