Thursday, April 3, 2008

THE WARPATH (Im Hoping a War of Words Ensues)

Ok im back. and on THE WAR PATH (above)

A rival blog recently emerged

there are so many things i wanna talk about in Zeld in DA HOUSE!! or whatever its called. kiinda like Zach! (to the extreme) maybe? maybe not. im not faulting that really. just everything else.

First of all lets just look at his public display of affection post, where he lets what is acceptable for the public and what is not.

Example One
Sharing a sandwich ACCEPTABLE!
Example Two
Sharing a sandwich on rye bread NOT ACCEPTABLE!
Example Three
Talking in French and/or Portuguese NOT ACCEPTABLE!
Example Four
Complimenting a loved one's stylish pair of pants ACCEPTABLE!
Example Five
Discussing federal spending ACCEPTABLE!

ok so thats the first 5. if its not funny after 5 i dont see why discussing 15 more examples is a good idea.

Ok moving on. lets looks at his thoughts on the navy's best recruitment. i dont feel like copying and pasting the cartoon so just look at it yourself. but basically he doesnt understand why anyone would join the navy just because theyll pay for college.

i dont see what the joke or confusion is. but thats actually exactly why kids join the navy. my cousin is getting out of the navy after a few years of duty later this year. guess why he joined? hes gonna be able to attend college! youre right alex hes a moron for falling for that recruitment strategy.

Do you think kids that can't afford college should just mow lawns?

March Madness? More Like March Sadness.

We have reached the final four and what was predicted by myself to be a perfect bracket has fallen considerably short. In fact, I was so confident my bracket would be perfect that I entered it on yahoo for a chance to win 5,000,000 dollars! Of the million entries, I am ranked in the 12th percentile, meaning 88% of all brackets are better than mine. If this were the SAT, I would get a 760 out of 1600. That would qualify me as being mentally retarded. This truely is March Sadness.

I dont even know what to say. The title is hilariously stupid. hes about as bad at predicting the ncaa tournament as he is entertaining the reader.

ok now just read this


So a telemarketer called my house yesterday. Usually they ask to speak to my father but instead he asked to speak to Alexander (that's me).
"This is he," I answered.
"Hello Alexander how are you?"
"Rather good and yourself?"
"Good good. Alexander I see that you currently are paying a 6% mortgage on your house, is this correct?"
"No its not seeing as how i don't own a house."

He hung up.

i didnt get it at first. i thought I was missing the joke. then I realized the joke was that the telemarketer thought that he alex was the homeowner instead of his father (who the telemarketers normally call and the true homeowner).

I think the best part is when the telemarketer hangs up!

lastly, THANK GOD someone finally exposed fox programming. Ive never heard a kid at a liberal school like gds tear the fox network apart like that. before this the networks absurd programming was largely ignored. you have opened our eyes.

Lastly he has a hot or not application on his facebook page. (I had to go there to see his blog) next time your checking when his next blog update will be, be generous feel free to give him a 4-6.


Anonymous said...


Kevin said...

At least he doesn't take people's money from their gym lockers

thecush said...

I'm with zach on this one. as a blogger, i'll be the first to say that isn't very funny

thecush said...
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zach said...

whos money did I take from a gym locker kevin? also id like to know which kevin this is. I didnt steal anyones money. Be a man and tell me which kevin it is instead of accusing me of something i didnt do. I havnt even been in the gds locker rooms since they openeded. Im pretty sure theres only one kevin. kevin thompson and if it is kevin thompson your a bitch and im gonna do something about it

zach said...

if its another kevin your a bitch and i dont even know you

Anonymous said...

i hope thecush is o'neill. if so, big ups, but i gotta say man you're definitely not the first to say it isnt very funny. the post def beat you to the punch, and if it wasnt the post im sure a large percentage of " da house!" have said its terrible.

Anonymous said...

the readers, that is.

Anonymous said...

i think well agree that zeld in da house is a comedic abomination

Zach! said...

turns out its not kevin thompson (whos not a bitch). i retract that statement. Its a kid i dunno accusing of me doing something in a place ive literally never been to.

I preferred to change on the soccer field, which i was severly disciplined for.