Thursday, September 6, 2007

Call Me and i will be ur bestest friend, but only in the designated timeslots, otherwise dont bother

oook so heres the deal im down to 15 course hours not counting aps which dont count for insurance and being a full time student. and i if i miss one more history class i get an f and that would just be bad. its at 8 which is hard for me to be awake for and i always sleep through my alarm.. sooo if you would please call me between 7-8 here which is like 8-9 east coast time.. actually its exactly 8-9 east coast time.. i really dont wanna fail my best subjest cause i cant wake up so call me if u can or text the more my phone makes noise the better tuesday and thursday... the T days! its easy to remember!


im 7039800571! FYI!

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