Sunday, January 13, 2008

The movies that make a trip to Northern Africa worth taking

Cry Wolf

Top-shelf psychological thriller featuring Jon Bon Jovi in the role he was born to play. Jovi (a long-haired boarding-school teacher whose cool-factor is paired irresistibly with a heart of gold) competes with bad-boy brit played by Julian Morris (picture Daniel Radcliffe with even MORE raw sex appeal) for the affections of reasonably (and attainably!) attractive red-head. The kids are mean to each other, Jovi follows no ones rules but his own, hilarity and suspense ensue.

Cry Wolf- B
Jovi- A
psychological thrillers on the whole- A+

High School Musical 2

uncomfortable. stop it.

HSM3 provided that it features some sort of 'tragic' accident that costs corbon blue and zac efron their lives- A-

Pizza My Heart

An isntant made-for-tv classic, Pizza my heart is both gripping and insightful. The epic battle for pizza supremacy in a small New Jersey neighborhood being waged between the Prestolanis and the Montabellos heats up when Joe Montabello and Gina Prestolani slide a fresh pie (their budding romantic relationship) into the oven. To complicate matters, only one of the small pizza joints can become a chain! Will the famous Montabello sauce or the epic Prestolani cheese win the contract?! warning- don't watch on an empty stomach!!
sidenote- theres also a restaurant called pizza my heart...but which came first the movie or the real life restaurant? the chicken or the egg?

pizza my heart- B-
the restaurant called pizza my heart- ?
chicken or the egg scenarios- A-

The Contract

John Cusack and Morgan Freeman hit a collective home run with this action-packed seemingly-made-for-flights-across-the-atlantic thrill ride. Picture shawshank redemption meets must love dogs meets pure, unadulterated excitement. fasten your seatbelts, bitches.

John Cusack- Best actor of all time, standing A+ for life
Morgan Freeman- B, B+ depending on his performance in 'the bucket list'
flights across the atlantic- C

-Dickson Thomas, don't sass me for doin' it.

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