Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mi Manifesto

ok so most of the things on this blog are meant to entertain buut its 5 o clock and i cant think of anything funny and i would like to have an account of my beliefs at 18.

most importantly- we have such a short time in life.. im almost 19 my lifes hopefully about a 1/5 over.. if i were to die tomorrow what has been most important to me has been my relationships with the people i love not what kind of car i drive or how good i am at algebra.. we are all dangling off the cliff holding onto the branch, death is imminent so enjoy the strawberry

I dont understand people, how can someone die for something they know nothing about. Religion is literally the stupidest thing ever.. Greek mythology was disproved because people could climb to the top of mount olympus of discover that the gods were shockingly absent, the only reason the major faiths of the modern world survive and thrive is because the location of god/gods is never really pinpointed. Religion was meant to explain the unexplainable in the ancient times, now those things can be explained by science but people cling to whats easier. Heaven seems like a nicer place to be after death than in the ground i suppose.. but this idea of heaven is one of the biggest problems with humanity. A lot of people dont live for life but live so they can live in an afterlife, but theres obviously no heaven.. i wish there was but if theres no heaven for single cell organism's that we evolved from im pretty sure theres no heaven for us.

haha i sound like such a preachy asshole, you dont have to read all this i just wanna see if ill feel the same way when im older

Government- theres nothing i hate more than government.. isnt it weird that the united states has a system of government that no citizens get what they want.. who the fuck wants to live somewhere where noone gets what they want. This is not the land of the free, if it were the land of the free i would be able to smoke weed without being scared to get my probation taken away. The only thing the government should have power to do is build and maintain infrastructure and protect the safety of its citizens.. i do not wish to be protected from myself i can make my own fucking decisions about whether i would like to use drugs or wear a seat belt or even torture and kill my dog (i dont have a dog and i think its sick but i dont think its the governments problem). I think that citizens should be able to do whatever they want as long as they dont intrude on the freedom and liberty of others.

the police- you fucking assholes your badge says protect and serve. not set up a roadblock outside an aquarium so you can write tickets for nothing. who the fuck are you protecting and serving other than yourselves you d-bags. cops are just assholes who want a job where they can be in a position of complete power with no overhead whatsoever. They also hit on your teenage girlfriend and try to convince her to "lose the kid and be with a real man". I was watching cops a few days ago and the assholes set up a drug "sting" in a very poor area. They had people on the corner selling like 20 bucks worth of weed and went up to people in cars and asked if they wanted to buy it. if they said yes they went to jail had there care repossessed by the government. should this really happen?

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